Monday, January 13, 2020

Hyak is OPEN

Ok, so now there is something to report.  The Holidays came and went and there was not enough snow to operate Hyak.  Into Jan the snow began to dump and we received aprox 3' of snow from Jan 9-13 and it is forecast to continue snowing for at least the next couple weeks.  Hyak opened Sunday the 12th to great coverage. Looks like things are looking up!

Base: 3'+

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Not much to see...

Not a lot to report about since Hyak has yet to get started.   West kicked off about 3 weeks ago with minimal snow, then Central and finally Silver Fir last week.  Heavy rains through new years has killed Central and Silver Fir but we are finally getting snow again.  Hyak needs a good storm before it can think about opening, though it is prob in better shape then Silver Fir.

Base: 11"

Monday, December 16, 2019

Its a new season at Hyak.

Things were starting to look grim with now snow after 2 weeks of December, but the storm finally hit that got things rolling.  This past weekend West opened up with limited runs, but its open. We've had almost 2' of snow and more is coming later this week.  West is operating on a reported 13" of snow.  At Hyak its much less than that, but we don't open til after Christmas so we have time.  

Base: 8"